60 Vintage Farmhouse Porch Decorating Ideas on A Budget

Vintage Farmhouse Porch Decorating Ideas on A Budget (58)

During any season we want to spend our free time outdoor, enjoying and relaxing. That’s why it’s very important how you decorate your porch and patio with rustic farmhouse porch style.

There are some key pieces that give any space the perfect vintage feel. Distressed or reclaimed furniture is one of the best choices for a vintage vibe, and whether it is a large dining table made from barnwood or a mint green hutch distressed to perfection, it will add a nice touch of rustic charm. In addition to reclaimed pieces, galvanized metal is another welcomed option for a vintage, eclectic space. Planters, watering cans, washtubs and buckets are great galvanized choices.

To soften the porch or deck, throws, quilts, rugs and pillows will work wonders. Not only do they add that softer touch, but they can also bring in pops of color, as well as texture. For more visual interest, you can add in vintage signs and unique lighting. For example, drop pendant lights created out of mason jars and hanging lanterns can really illuminate a space.

Here we present you 60 vintage porch decor ideas.

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