35 Inspiring Rental Apartment Decorating Ideas on A Budget

Inspiring Rental Apartment Decorating Ideas on A Budget (29)

When it comes to decorating a rental, it can sometimes feel tricky. Most of the time you can’t do anything permanent, so what can you do?

The benefits of renting are many: someone else has to deal with that overflowing toilet, hiring a gardener isn’t your problem, when it’s time to re-roof, the money isn’t coming out of your bank account. Plus, renting can be the best solution if you know your stay in a particular city is short-term, or you’re still getting the lay of the land after a relocation. Still, there are also undeniable downsides to being a renter: ever-increasing rent, of course, but also an inability to change your home’s paint or flooring (at least, not unless you want to lose your security deposit.).

If you live in an apartment, you almost certainly have the typical renter’s bedroom: beige wall-to-wall carpet and Swiss coffee or a similar off-white paint on the walls. Now, there’s certainly nothing wrong with a palette of neutrals as a room’s decorating base: it’s safe, it’s sure to match whatever furnishings you bring with you, and it makes the typically small rooms of an apartment look a bit larger. But a cookie-cutter room can get stale after a while, or perhaps you’re more of a color lover to begin with. If so, don’t despair. Just because you rent doesn’t mean you are doomed to living with someone else’s color preferences forever.

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