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Electric Lift Recliner With Heat Therapy And Massage, Suitable For The Elderly, Heavy Recliner, With Modern Padded Arms And Back, Navy

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Main Color Navy
Main Material Chenille
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  • Material: Luxury electric lift recliner, using high-density foam and laminated veneer lumber (LVL) system, can provide maximum comfort and stability, suitable for living room, bedroom and home theater room.

    Power-lifting recliner design: ultra-wide design, bringing ultimate comfort, padded seats and armrests are also stuffed. The silent lift motor can push the entire chair up to help the elderly stand up easily without increasing the pressure on the front end or pressurization.

    Massage and heating function: 10 different modes can meet your different massage needs. The four areas of the massage are
    focused on the shins, thighs, waist, and shoulders. You can freely choose the strength adverbial clauses of the net request massage: position waist heating function plus net request massage function to make your waist more comfortable.

    Heavy duty: size, wider armrests, thoughtful storage space and more comfortable feeling: load-bearing-300 pounds, Reminder: the delivery time for 1 piece, 2 pieces, and 2 pieces are all

    Buy with confidence: We provide free warranty measures for installation problems, damage and missing parts warranty services, please feel free to contact us. We provide you with useful, timely and friendly customer service

    Past version: Just one remote controls all functions: stretching, withdrawing, lift assisting, heating and massaging

    Updated version: added a button on the recliner's right side controlling stretching, withdrawing and life assisting. And a single remote controlls heating and massaging.